Bookit is an online travel planning and booking site that combines advanced search engine technology to comb the databases of airlines, hotels, and other travel-related industries to come up with the best rates. You can save even more on your next trip by using a Bookit promo code.

Bookit Promo Codes


Why Booking Online is the Best Idea

Booking online is something that many people take for granted these days, but there really is no easier way to find the best deal on hotels in Dubai or the best holiday packages. Users looking for a flight to Florida just need to put in the number of passengers and the days/approx. times of travel and the online booking and matching system scans millions of flights and even comes up with helpful additional ideas such as hotels and rental cars. This all happens faster than it would take a travel agent to pick up the phone, and that is why booking online is the way to go.

Why We Like Bookit

We really like Bookit’s easy air fare search, but we love their travel packages. Excalibur Las Vegas? Sign us up! Cheap flights to Las Vegas too? Probably a good idea so you have more money for other things…what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! You can find everything from cheap motels near the LAX airport to hotel reviews, or even book a complete vacation on the Carnival splendor or a Princess Cruise to the Caribbean. The packages and the searching is just awesome!

We would be doing you a disservice if we did not mention the hotel reviews again. We don’t know who has been passing out all these stars, but it seems like every dive is a 3 star and up these days and that is not how it used to be. Read honest reviews from actual customers to find out if the San Francisco hotels or Virginia beach hotels you are considering are really worth the slight premium over their neighbors. Sometimes you’ll be surprised!