Godaddy is one of the most famous hosting providers following its entry into the public eye with some outrageous commercials that garnered it a lot of attention. The company is far more than just flash and commercials that challenge modest values; everything one could want from a web hosting reseller from easy tools to integrated a Google shopping cart to the latest in serious hosting. With everything from shared hosting to dedication options, GoDaddy has something for every hosting need. Be sure to save money with a GoDaddy promo code though.

Godaddy Promo Codes


Why Hosting is Affordable

Many people try to manage hosting their own websites on their own PCs either in office have several challenges. They will need reliable hardware that is expensive upfront compared to hosting, ssl encryption technology, online scheduling for backups, the ability to set up email servers, manage a dns service, etc. The list simply goes on and on. Even with all this, you would still be behind most hosts, and GoDaddy is not just any host.

Why We Like GoDaddy

GoDaddy helps us register domains not only here in the US, but also abroad. Domain registration India, China, wherever the money might be! We like that, and we appreciate it! We also like the fact that GoDaddy is capable of both linux web hosting and Windows web hosting with a full suite of tools to help us manage everything from an automated online shopping cart to our mobile exchange needs!

Helpful FAQs guide the way, and they make easy work out of tasks we would have otherwise probably spent hours of frustration on. Speaking of avoiding frustration, one thing that we absolutely cannot live without is a human to talk to when we get lost setting something up, and GoDaddy’s award winning support has never failed to pick up the phone. Too bad we didn’t have any real problems, but it was a good sign that they passed that particular test!

Save Money When You GoDaddy

If you are interested in what GoDaddy has to offer remember to use a helpful GoDaddy promo code.