GoToMeeting is a combination of web meeting software and a service that allows users to host a meeting online and share a desktop with participants. The service essentially replaces physical meetings and the conference phone call systems of the pass and can save participants and hosts a lot of money as well as reduce the need to pay for an expensive conference line. You can save even more by using a GoToMeeting promo code.

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Why Online Meeting is the Future

Meetings are critical, but they are also restrictive. They offer geographical limitations for participants as well as increase the cost of doing business. The combination of audio and web conferencing built into one system allow anyone with an internet connection to share

Why We Like GoToMeeting

While we obviously love saving money, our favorite feature of GoToMeeting is how well it just works. We used to fumble with the archaic conference call phone system but the first few web conferences we held with GoToMeeting were incredible productive! The web conferencing tools were easy to use, intuitive, and just worked. We really could not have asked for more.

We could share everything on our desktop and make what amounted to an Internet conference call complete with everything we would have had in a face to face! We also saved a great deal of money, and you can save even more with a GoToMeeting promo code. To stretch the value further we are also using GoToMeeting as an online teaching software package at work. Our new employees in remote areas can now see training material and that brings a whole new set of possibilities to the table.

Save Money On Your Next GoToMeeting

Remember that just because you are already saving a bundle by hosting your meetings online does not mean that you cannot save even more money by using a GoToMeeting promo code like one of these on this page.