LifeLock is an anti-identify theft company that pro-actively monitors credit activity and other aspects of one’s reputation and belongings. This includes monitoring data breaches, lost wallet, non-credit alters, and advanced Internet monitoring, all for a bargain price. You can save even more by using a LifeLock promo code when you sign up.

Lifelock Promo Codes

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Why You Need Protection

It does not matter where you get identify theft facts from, they all say the same thing: identity theft is THE new crime of the digital age. There are clear advantages in the numbers for consumers signed up for a credit fraud alter or identity fraud protection, including lower approval rates, higher conviction rates, and less disturbance to the life of the actual victim of the identity theft.

Why We Like LifeLock

LifeLock goes beyond credit monitoring, and does it in a way that we cannot help but be impressed by. LifeLock will protect your identity with active monitoring, scanning for threats, and will actually respond to you when they think something is not adding up. Anyone that has ever had a stolen wallet and had to deal with credit alert services that never call but maybe email a warning a week later understand that this is not enough. Sadly, those of us that have had to deal with this do not truly understand until we've gone through it for themselves at least once.

The fact that LifeLock backs up their promises with a $1M guarantee just goes to show how much faith they have in their ability to detect and deal with threats to your identity before they become a problem.

Save Money on LifeLock

While your life is worth at least a million bucks, you don't need to spend that much on LifeLock. Remember to save money with a LifeLock promo code.