Parallels is a highly advanced virtual machine software suite that allows Mac users to run a virtual PC for Windows XP all the way up to the latest Windows release or any number of other OSes. Using a proprietary technology that allows the virtual PC to run in its own environment, almost all programs are essentially unaware that they are not running on a normal Windows computer. Saving money by not needing to buy an additional computer to handle tasks is time saving as well, but smart consumers will save even more with a Parallels promo code.

Parallels Promo Codes

Why a Virtual Machine is Important

Normally a user that needs or wants to run programs in two different OSes simultaneously has a choice: buy a second PC or go virtual. The virtual PC is far more cost effective, makes better use of the same hardware, and consumes less power overall. Given the abundance of power available even in more budget oriented desktops, it only makes sense to go virtual.

Why We Like Parallels

Parallels can run some very advanced software in its virtual sandbox, including thinks like Plesk sitebuilder off the plesk demo, Microsoft CRM dynamics, a Linux small server environment complete with ftp accounts, and even a complete Microsoft exchange server. Nothing made Parallels stutter, budge, or even flinch, and that is saying something. Rock solid reliability is something we want in a Windows virtual desktop.

We also appreciate the speed of Parallels. Modern CPUs have dedicated portions of their hardware that go completely unused by the average user, but Parallels takes those portions and activates them to assist with the virtualization process. The net result is that virtual environments do not tie up as many resources as you might think, and it seems like the performance gets better with every internet update the company releases.

Save Money on Parallels

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