is a leading provider of online postal services that enables consumers to save money, time, and gas by handling the printing of their own stamp labels right from their own printers. Organizations large and small as well as individuals can take advantage of the stamp printing as well as the proprietary integration to Quickbooks and Word for automated bill generation and document merge features. In addition to time saving features like these, saves the average user money with less trips to the post office. You can save even more by using a promo code.

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Why Handling Postage Online is Wise

Handling postage used to entail a trip to the post office. Delivery services changed that and while the USPS adapted a tiny bit, the truth is that they are not as flexible as the other couriers. The other couriers all have some level of online functionality that greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to locate current postage rates and pay for postage online. Postage machines further assist in this process by allowing a mailing service to empower customers like us to handle everything but the physical handling of the package.

Why Is Something We Like

We like the faction that we can predict exactly what stamps cost and decide if we want to track certified mail on our packages right from our computers! We can know the exact price of 1st class stamp and tracking for any package we want to send without having to dig through some archaic book full of USPS shipping costs or dealing with custom postage machines that cost a fortune and/or require a certain volume. We can use as much or as little as we like. This combination of pay as little possible whenever we need it is exactly what we as frugal consumers want.

The ability to make your own stamps comes in really handy when you're out of time, and if you are like us that will be the only time that you realize that you need them! The ability to track packages with one click and never fill out a post office form again are nice as well as are the discounts you can't find at the post office.

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Remember that is all about empowering shippers, receivers, and saving everyone money. You can save even more by using a promo code found on this page.