Straight Talk is a pre-paid wireless carrier that primarily focuses on plans with unlimited talk time, mobile broadband, text and picturing messaging, and 411 without a contract. The company is unique in that it allows for pre-pay for an entire year to save money, though you can save even more money by shopping with a Straight Talk promo code.

Straight Talk Promo Codes


Why Unlimited Prepaid is Good

Prepaid is a great way to manage wireless phone service. Match that with unlimited everything and you can talk straight through the night with a relative or loved one and not have to dread opening your mailbox for the rest of the month. This worry free way of handling wireless phone service is so simple and straight forward that it really ought to have been the norm by now but somehow other carriers are just not getting it.

Why We Like Straight Talk

The thing we like best about Straight Talk prepaid is the fact that the Straight Talk phones cover a wide range. There are budget phones all the way up to high end Samsung phones. The Straight Talk phones do not lack in quality or features as some of the other prepaid vendors do, and yes they can even be used to call overseas. It is also worth noting that with Straight Talk new phones are arriving all the time.

Straight Talk plans are not quite so diverse, but that's a good thing. The biggest difference in most of the plans is how long they last. You can prepay for up to a year! The Straight Talk service is just as clear as the major carriers regardless of plans, but you just pay in advance.

Save Money on Straight Talk

Remember to use a Straight Talk promo code when you shop to save even more money, you can find some on this page.