Verizon FiOS is the nation’s largest and most popular fiber optic network that leverages proprietary media technologies to blend data services, digital television, and voice over IP (VoIP) telephone technology. The underlying fiber optic network is fast, stable, and responsive enough to deliver any combination of these features at a very competitive price-especially the Verizon FiOS double play and FiOS triple play packages. Consumers looking to save even more can use a Verizon FiOS promo code to do so.

Verizon Fios Promo Codes


Why Fiber Optic is the Future, Now

Fiber optics are fast, and that is one reason that FiOS speeds are quick enough to handle digital HD and DVR streams, blazing fast broadband, and responsive crystal clear VoIP. The technology is fundamentally as green as it is fast. With speeds several times faster and clearer than electric transmissions over metal at only a fraction of the energy spent, fiber is clearly the future.

Why We Like Verizon FiOS

Of course the best thing we like about Verizon FIOS is getting a lot for a little. A ton of FiOS speed, those amazing FiOS deals like the FiOS triple play and FiOS double play packages amount to amazing savings. Add in a good Verizon FiOS promo code and you would need to see a psychologist to pass up such a good deal as those FiOS bundles are great to begin with.

On top of just getting a ton for a little bit, we like the fact that everything just works together. You can scheduler your FiOS TV online and manage shows and DVRs remotely, plus you can check phone logs from the couch as well as handle incoming calls and DVR decisions from the remote. How important is that? Well it all depends on how serious you are about watching your TV. If you can't miss a minute, then you NEED a FiOS installation crew out there now and here's why: you get caller ID and DVR options right on the TV screen. If your annoying friend is calling to say “did you see that?!” you can punt them to the voicemail. If it is that cute guy/girl from accounting…well, that instant DVR option is handy now isn't it?

Save Money on Verzion FiOS

While Verizon FiOS is very affordable to begin with, there is no reason not to save more by using a Verizon FIOS promo code.